Sensational River Cruises Client Benefits

Sensational River Cruises is fortunate to have a world of resources at our fingertips. Thanks in large part to our partnership with Largay Travel and Virtuoso which is an organization of the elite travel agencies, travel providers, and destinations worldwide. Through Virtuoso, we are able to offer our clients the kind of exclusive amenities, upgrades, access, and experiences that you can find nowhere else in the world.

Sensational River Cruises Client Benefits

We partner with the world’s leading luxury cruise lines to custom-tailor your experiences. And, as our client, you’ll automatically be eligible for complimentary extras reserved exclusively for our travelers such as:

  • Shipboard credits

  • Virtuoso-exclusive shore excursions

  • Welcome aboard receptions

  • Dedicated onboard hosts

  • Private car & driver

  • Specialty dining

  • Pre-paid gratuities

For thousands of years before trains and cars, rivers served as the main thoroughfare for moving quickly from one place to another in the heart of a continent. In the modern age, river cruising serves the same purpose. Much like with ocean cruises, the convenience is obvious. You unpack once. The ship serves as a floating hotel, restaurant and transportation. Meals are included, as are most excursions and some alcoholic beverages.

The proximity of cities and towns to the river you’re sailing on puts you up close and personal with the sights and culture you came in search of. Since ports are much closer to downtown than on the oceans, you can spend an evening in the city and not have to rush back to catch the boat. Onboard, there’s entertainment, lectures, places to lounge indoors and a sun deck. Optional land extensions let you spend extra time in the cities at the beginning and end of your journey, ideal since it’s a long way to go for just a weeklong cruise.

Themed cruises offer the chance to travel with like-minded cruisers. There are sailings to take advantage of prime tulip blooms in Belgium and the Netherlands, special wine-focused itineraries and departures in the late autumn centered around the Christmas markets of Central Europe.










Choose your cruise


Sail down the river, especially in Europe, and you’ll see ship after ship. Often, they’re docked one right next to the other. So which one is right for you? First, pick what you want to see. In Europe alone, there are cruises on the Seine, Rhine, Moselle, Danube, Po, Rhone, Volga and Douro rivers. In Asia, you can sail the Mekong, the Irrawaddy, the Ganges and the Yangtze. The Nile and the Chobe will take you to vastly different parts of Africa. You can even take a cruise along the Amazon.

Once you’ve narrowed that down, you’ll need to decide which line suits your needs. Just about every cruise will have included excursions everyday, but some offer a wider variety of optional outings. Some cost extra, some don’t. Some lines include beer and wine at meal times, while others have an open bar throughout the day. Some staterooms have outdoor balconies, some French balconies, some are below the waterline and have just a fixed window. Cabins are priced accordingly. A few lines choose to forego balconies and instead have panoramic windows that open onto a sitting area, forming a sort of balcony inside the cabin.

The fewer passengers a ship holds, the more room there is for larger staterooms and more public space. You do pay for those extra comforts, so it’s up to you how important that is. Some lines place more of an emphasis on gourmet food than others. Is decor and deluxe service important to you? That might determine which cruise line you go with.

















When to go


When is the best time for a river cruise? Whenever you can, of course, but shoulder seasons can deliver particular value. In Europe, that means spring and fall. There are fewer tourists around, the weather can be more pleasant than summertime and prices are lower. Though the weather isn’t great during the Christmas markets, it’s nothing a glass of hot mulled wine can’t fix.

Summer is the rainy season in most parts of Asia, so you may want to avoid those months, though prices are lower if you’re willing to deal with a little rain. Showers on the Mekong are generally brief, so it won’t necessarily spoil the whole day. It’s hot and humid along the Ganges from March through June, with monsoons rolling in around July. The Amazon’s rainy season is December-April. Egypt is hot just about year-round, but it’s particularly so in the summer months. There are deals to be found the Chobe outside of the Southern Hemisphere’s winter, our summer.


















How to book


Contact Marisa Cole at for guidance on planning the river cruise that best fits you. She is familiar with the ins and outs of the major cruise lines and the rivers they sail on. Marisa L. Cole, CTC can match you with the experience that will create an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

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